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Caves in Pokhara

Pokhara is famous for limestone caves such as Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave, Gupteshwar Mahadev and others. Davis Fall is the most famous water-fall in Pokhara, which comes to its gushing best just before disappearing underground...



THE nature's wonders in Pokhara is the Mahendra Gupha(CAVE). This large limestone cave is locally known as the House of Bats, an apt name for it. A two-hour walk to the north of Pokhara, it is best to bring your own torch to see the stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the local winged residents.











Gupteswor Mahadev Cave Pokhara Nepal


This Cave divided into two parts. First parts is about 40 meters long, there is a natural cave and temple of Load Shiva to visit the first you have to pay Rs 30 per person as entry fee. In this first part you are not allowed to take photos. Next parts start after temple which way goes to the down side if Devis fall, the distance about 100 meters from second entrance, from there you can see the view of Davis Fall as well as natural rocks, Electric lights are managed for the convenience of the visitor. To visit 2nd part you have to pay Rs 100 per person. This cost covers 1st part and 2nd part. So if you pay Rs 100 you can visit both parts. After the Lord Shiva temple on second parts of this Cave you are allowed to take photos. Second parts is closed during 4 month of Monsoon (June, July, August and September)

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Those picture are really nice. Thank you!
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