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Trekking in Nepal
RULED: 1799-1831

Major Works and Events
  • Conquered several states and united them into a mighty Gorkha Kingdom.
  • Established a sound administration with a stable economic base and laid the foundation of an independent country.
  • Gained victory over British and Muslim forces.
  • The nine-storey Basantapur Durbar, the seven storey Durbar, the Ranga Mahal and Tilanga House of Nuwakot were built.
  • Gave valuable advice, popularly known as "Divine Counsels" ( Dibya Upadesh), to his successors.  

Father : Prithvi Narayan shah
Mother: Narendra rajya laxmi
Ruled: 1831-1834
Major Works and Events
  • Maintained friendly relations with neighboring states and countries.
  • Waged war with Sikkim but failed to conquer it.
  • Commenced the custom of erecting a Linga (pillar) in the occasion of Indrajatra festival at Hanuman Dhoka Durbar.
  • Organized a conference of Sanskrit scholars at balaju in which scholars from 12 countries participed.


Father: Pratap Singh Shah
Ruled: 1834-1855  
Major Works and Events
  • The valiant Damodar and Amar Singh Thapa invaded Garhwal, Almorah and Kumaon, and annexed them to the Kingdom of Nepal.
  • The Kingdom of Nepal's border extended from Kashmir to Sikkim, from the Himalayas to the border of Agra, Bihar and Bengal to the South.
  • After the death of Kantiwati, the king became mad with sorrow. He smashed many idols to pieces including Taleju.
  • The rate of interest was fixed for taking loans.
  • Several laws for the development of trade and industry were made.
  • He successfully reformed the system of measurements.
  • Dharahara and Sundhara were built.
  • Rana Bahadur was stabbed to death by Sher Bahadur (his step brother) 

Trekking in Nepal
King Girvan Yudha Bikram Shah 

Father: Rana Bahadur Shah 
 Rled: 1855-1873 

Major Works and Events
  • Battle of Nalapani (Khalanga)
  • Battle of Jaithak
  • Battle of Jeetgarh
  • Battle of Devthal
  • Battle of Gadwan
  • Nepal-British war
Sugauli treaty was signed in favor of British, and Nepal suffered a great loss.

Rajendra Bikram Shah

Father: Girvan yudha bikram shah
Ruled: 1873-1904

Major Works and Events 

  • The country was given a number of economic reforms.
  • Slavery was abolished and roads were constructed for travelers.
  • The Cot massacre , the Bhandarkhar event and the Alou event took place.
  • The start of Rana regime.
  • Emphasis was given to inoculating children against small-pox.
  • English education was introduced in Nepal.
 Surendra Bikram Shah

Father: Rajendra Bikram Shah
Ruled: 1904-1938

Major Works And Events
  • Roads from Kathmandu to Birjung and Bhaktapur to Thankot were built.
  • Swayambhu stupa was renovated.
  • The first census was taken.
  • The practice of taking life of women on charges of witchcraft was abolished.

Trekking in Nepal

Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah

Father: Surendra Bikram Shah
Ruled: 1938-1968

Major Works And Events
  • Assassination of Ranodwip Singh.
  • Good supply of water and strict sanitary systems were applied.
  • The first automobile was brought in Nepal.
  • Improvement in military and judicial administration.
  • Along with slavery system, Sati custom was also abolished.
  • Nepal was recognized as an independent sovereign country.
  • A dreadful earthquake occurred which caused a heavy loss of life and wealth.
  • Nepal took part in the World War in favor of British.
  • Great patriots, Dharma Bhakta, Sukraraj Shastri, Dashrath Chand and Ganga lal Shrestha were sentenced to death.
  • High court was established.
  • Several schools and colleges were established.

 Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah

Father: Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah
Ruled: 1968-2011

Major Works and Events
  • Rana autocracy reached its end.
  • Several parties were established to end the Rana regime.
  • Delhi agreement (for the formation of a new ministry under the king's leadership) was signed.

Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah


Father: Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah
Mother: Kanti Rajya Laxmi
Ruled: 2013-2028

Major Works And Events
  • Diplomatic relationship was established with China on the basis of five major points.
  • Nepal became the member of U.N.O. in December,1955 A.D.
  • First general election for the cabinet was conducted.
  • Planned mechanism of development started.
  • Diplomatic relations with numerous countries were established.
  • Panchayat was introduced in Nepal for the general welfare of the people.

 Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev


Birth: 14th Poush,2002 (28 December,1945 A.D.)
Father: Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah
Mother: Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi
Wife: Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah
Ruled: 2031- 2058

Major Works And Events
  • His Late Majesty acquired his early education at St. Joshep's School, Darjeeling and higher education at Eton College, England, (1959 A.D.-1964 A.D.), University of Tokyo (Japan) and Harvard University (USA), (1967 A.D.-1968 A.D.).
  • On 1st Chaitra,2011 (15th March,1955 A.D.), he was declared as the crown prince.
  • On 17th Magh, 2028 (1970 A.D.), he was declared as the Heir-Apparent to the throne of Kingdom of Nepal.
  • He announced Nepal as a democratic country in 1990 after a popular movement.
  • He announced a new constitution in 2047 (1940 A.D.)
  • Much emphasis was given on scientific methods of agriculture

 Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev


Birth: June 27,1971 A.D.
Father: Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
Mother: Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah
Ruled: 2058-2058 (June 2,2001 June 4,2001 A.D)

Major Works And Events
  • Acquired his early education from Budhanilkantha Boarding Secondary School and higher studies (GCSE/"O" and "A" Level) from Eton College, Windsor, UK, (1987 A.D.-1990 A.D.), BA from Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal (1991A.D.-1992 A.D.), MA in Geography (Distinction), TU, Kathmandu (1992 A.D.-1994 A.D.). He was preparing to submit Doctoral Thesis in the Department of Population, Tribhuvan University.
  • Received the Private Pilot License for AS 332L/L1 Super Puma, Department of Civil Aviation, HMG/N, 1993.
  • He was declared Heir Apparent to the Throne of the Kingdom of Nepal in 1972 A.D.
  • He was commissioned as Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Nepal Army in 1990 A.D.and the patron of National Sports Council, Royal Nepal Golf Club and Nepal Olympics Committee.
  • King Dipendra was known as Dipendra Shah in Literary World.A poem written by him.
Trekking in Nepal
Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev  

Father: Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah
Mother: Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi
Wife: Komal Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah
Born: B.S.23 Ashad 2004 (7th July 1947 A.D.)
Ruled: 22 Jestha 2058-till date

Major Works And Events
  • He has been crowned twice.He was declared King by then Rana Prime Minister in 7th November 1950 till 7 January, 1951, at the age of four after King Tribhuvan and then Crown Prince Mahendra secretly left Kathmandu for India to return in 1951.
  • Studied in St. Josheph College, Darjeeling, India and Graduated from Tribhuwan University on 2026 B.S.
  • Married Queen Komal on B.S 2027(1970 AD).
  • One Son(Paras Shah) and One Daughter(Prerana Rajya laxmi Shah).
  • King Gyanendra is well known in Nepal for his conservation works.
  • He is a leading figure in the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation and has worked closely with the World Wildlife Fund.
  • King Gyanendra is known as G. Shah in the literary world. Few songs written by him


Trekking in Nepal